Video: Introduction to a Climate Game Jam

Video:  Introduction to Resources for the National Climate Game Jam 

Jammer tools and Tutorials

Public Domain Image Collections

Data Sources and Tools

Climate Data Primer

NOAA’s Historical Climatology Network, Climate Reference Network, and 30-year climate normals

Data Snapshots

Dataset Gallery

Tools for Visualizing or Manipulating data or datasets

National Climate Data Center – World’s largest weather/climate archive  NOAA Paleoclimatology Data

Visualizations/data from GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment)

Climate Time Machine

117 Resources with Datasets

Graphs/figures from the National Climate Assessment

Science on a Sphere

Investigate Earth Processes with real-time processes (Data in the Classroom)

Coastal Estuaries real-time data

Graphable data output from NASA missions throught the DICCE GIOVANNI system. Check the resources tab