National Climate Game Jam Competition


Game ideas were submitted via a 2-minute video to be considered for these prizes:

  • Excellent K-12 “classroom ready” entries that feature sound scientific concepts will be included on the Smithsonian’s new Learning Lab. As part of the Learning Lab, these games will be available to educators across the nation.
  • Select finalists will be offered the opportunity to be showcased in an arcade on the grounds of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in November, 2015.
  • A selected finalist will be provided with support from GlassLab Games for integration into their platform, distribution channel, and regular meetings during development to provide advice and suggestions on seeking funding for further development.  GlassLab is providing:
    1) the SDK for integration into GlassLab Games, a high-impact distribution channel for digital games in – and out – of the classroom
    2) evaluation of the end game and possible improvements that would enable us to launch and distribute via GlassLab Games
    3) regular meetings during any extended development to provide advice (1 hour per month);
    4) advice on seeking extension funding (SBIR, etc) for further development.
  • A panel of game and climate experts used a scoring rubric to determine top selections by age categories (K-8 Students, High School, College, Adult)

Climate Game Jam 2015 Finalists

K-8 Division

Second Place Energy Farm 

High School Division

Winner for Best Digital Game Flood Prevention
Winner for Best Board/Card Game Azure Skies
Winner for Best Paper Prototype Climate Carey

College Division

First Place ClimateQuest
Second Place Climate Conquerors
Third Place (tie) Countdown
Third Place (tie) Manta Day

Adult Division

First Place Reef Revival
Second Place Three Degrees
Third Place AdaptNation
Fourth Place Owl Together 


All Climate Game 2015 Contest Submissions by Site

Barnard College, NY – The Disappearing Island 
Barnard College, NY – Resources United 
Barnard College, NY – Countdown  
California Academy of Science, CA – Reef Revival  
California Academy of Science, CA – Ecovoi
California Academy of Science, CA – Owl Together  
Carnegie Musueum of Natural History, PA – Flood Prevention  
Carnegie Museum of Natural History, PA – Climate Control 
Cottage Lane Elementary School, NY – Series of Scratch games
Harmony High School, FL – Regrowth
Harmony High School FL – Climate City
Harmony High School, FL – EnvironGwent 
Harmoney High School, FL – Natural Disaster
Harmony High School, FL – Azure Skies 
Harmony High School, FL – The Resistance 
Harmony High School, FL – Elemental Conquest
Moveable Game Jam at the Museum of the Moving Image, NY – Energy Farm 
Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian – Diaper Cow and other minigames  
Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian – Clean, Green Flying Machine
University of Oklahoma, National Weather Service, OK – Climate Conquerors 
University of Washington, WA – ClimateQuest 
University of Washington, WA – AdaptNation  
Utah’s Hogle Zoo, UT – Manta Day 
Utah’s Hogle Zoo, UT – Silviculturist
Utah’s Hogle Zoo, UT – Happy Planet
Utah’s Hogle Zoo, UT – Solar City 
Ward 4, Milwaukee, WI – Climate Carey 
Ward 4, Milwaukee, WI – Three Degrees 
Ward 4, Milwaukee, WI – Tree of Life
Ward 4, Milwaukee, WI – Climate Future Earth

Climate Game Jam Water 2016 Winners!

Junior High School
High School

Additional Entries