National Climate Game Jam Competition


For each Climate Game Jam, game ideas are submitted via a 2-minute video to be considered for national recognition. A panel of game and climate experts use a scoring rubric to determine top selections by age category and/or game category. Category winners are featured on this website and in social media. Select finalists are offered the opportunity to have their game showcased in a public arcade, for example, at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Arctic Climate Game Jam 2017 Finalists

K-8 Category

 Winner, Analog Game: Save Bob the Polar Bear – Pearl River High School, NY

Winner, Paper Prototype: Arctic Heroes – Palau Community College, Palau 

2nd Place, Analog Game: Aqua Escape – National Presbyterian School, Washington, DC

3rd Place, Analog Game: Following the Inuits – National Presbyterian School, Washington, DC

Honorable Mention, Paper Prototype: Climate Defenders – Palau Community College, Palau 

High School Category

 Winner, Digital Game: Climate Shift: Ice Shelf – Palau Community College, Palau

Winner, Analog Game: Arctic Melt Down – Pearl River High School, NY

Honorable Mention: Arctic Twister – Pearl River High School, NY

College/University Category

Winner: Sea Level Slow-Up – Montgomery College, MD

Honorable Mention: Retreat! – Columbia University, NY

 Professional Category

Winner: Polar Explorer – National Center for Atmospheric Research, CO

Honorable Mention: Fram – Dartmouth College, NH

Climate Game Jam Water 2016 Finalists

Junior High School

First Place Water Apocalypse – Halsey Junior High, NY

Second Place Saying No to Toxic Chemical Dumping – Halsey Junior High, NY

High School

First Place Master Moisture – Harmony High School, FL

Second Place What the Muck? – Harmony High School, FL

Third Place Water Jump – Harmony High School, FL

Fourth Place Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Harmony High School, FL


First Place Water Ways – University of Washington,WA

Second Place Drop – University of Washington, WA

Third Place Wildfire VR – Montgomery College, MD

Fourth Place The Water Cost is Right – University of Washington, WA

Climate Game Jam 2015 Finalists

K-8 Division

Second Place Energy Farm 

High School Division

Winner for Best Digital Game Flood Prevention
Winner for Best Board/Card Game Azure Skies
Winner for Best Paper Prototype Climate Carey

College Division

First Place ClimateQuest
Second Place Climate Conquerors
Third Place (tie) Countdown
Third Place (tie) Manta Day

Adult Division

First Place Reef Revival
Second Place Three Degrees
Third Place AdaptNation
Fourth Place Owl Together