All Climate Game Jam 2015 Contest Submissions by Site

Barnard College, NY – The Disappearing Island 
Barnard College, NY – Resources United 
Barnard College, NY – Countdown  
California Academy of Science, CA – Reef Revival  
California Academy of Science, CA – Ecovoi
California Academy of Science, CA – Owl Together  
Carnegie Musueum of Natural History, PA – Flood Prevention  
Carnegie Museum of Natural History, PA – Climate Control 
Cottage Lane Elementary School, NY – Series of Scratch games
Harmony High School, FL – Regrowth
Harmony High School FL – Climate City
Harmony High School, FL – EnvironGwent 
Harmoney High School, FL – Natural Disaster
Harmony High School, FL – Azure Skies 
Harmony High School, FL – The Resistance 
Harmony High School, FL – Elemental Conquest
Moveable Game Jam at the Museum of the Moving Image, NY – Energy Farm 
Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian – Diaper Cow and other minigames  
Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian – Clean, Green Flying Machine
University of Oklahoma, National Weather Service, OK – Climate Conquerors 
University of Washington, WA – ClimateQuest 
University of Washington, WA – AdaptNation  
Utah’s Hogle Zoo, UT – Manta Day 
Utah’s Hogle Zoo, UT – Silviculturist
Utah’s Hogle Zoo, UT – Happy Planet
Utah’s Hogle Zoo, UT – Solar City 
Ward 4, Milwaukee, WI – Climate Carey 
Ward 4, Milwaukee, WI – Three Degrees 
Ward 4, Milwaukee, WI – Tree of Life
Ward 4, Milwaukee, WI – Climate Future Earth

All Climate Game Jam – Water! 2016 Contest Submissions by Site

Save the PlanetBrainPOP Moveable Game Jam, NY

Hoppy Fish, Elizabeth Forward High Schoo, PA
Water Apocalypse – Halsey Junior High, NY
Saying No to Toxic Chemical Dumping – Halsey Junior High, NY
Master Moisture – Harmony High School, FL
What the Muck? – Harmony High School, FL
Water Jump – Harmony High School, FL
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Harmony High School, FL
Water Brawlers, Harmony High School, FL
Oil Spill Crisis Simulator,  Harmony High School, FL
In the Shallows,  Harmony High School, FL
Wildfire VR – Montgomery College, MD
Philter Phil, Palau PREL, Palau
Water Ways – University of Washington,WA
Drop – University of Washington, WA
The Water Cost is Right – University of Washington, WA